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More than three decades ago, a clay tablet was found in a excavation in Iran. With more than 4000 years old it had the following recipe engraved on it:

"All food should have three indispensable qualities: good taste, good smell and good color”

The gastronomy in Iran is one of the largest and richest cultural heritages of humanity. Iranian cuisine is influenced by the different peoples and traditions that have housed the Persian country throughout history. The great variety of flavours and aromas makes their food surprise even the most exquisite palate.

The spirit of Iranian cuisine is found in all facets that make up the country. From the endearing hospitality of its people to the history of the oldest empires in humanity. Also its geography, with unusual deserts that cover the ruins of Persepolis, the green mountains of the north or the attractive southern islands in the Persian Gulf. Persian cuisine is the result of the combination of all its historical, cultural and geographical heritage.

The influence of its ancestral culinary tradition extends from China and India through the Middle East to reach the peoples of the Mediterranean coast, bathing them with the most delicate fragrances of their exquisite flavours.

Unlike many people think, it is easy to evoke some flavours of Persian cuisine with Mediterranean cuisine. The use of spices gives a light and soft character to our dishes. Saffron, one of the jewels of Persian cuisine, differentiates textures in more traditional recipes and grants a charismatic and unique presentation that distinguishes our food around the world.

Iranian food is balanced and without excesses: no ingredient is missing, nor is it overloaded with any flavour. It is a suggestive and attractive cuisine, with soft flavours and aromas but so characteristic that you will be surprised from the first bite.

In the Rincon Persa, we always seek to meet that millennial goal through the use of premium raw material, a clean service and, above all, the passion to teach the world a part of our culture.

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The Rincon Persa is an Iranian restaurant located on Floridablanca Street, in the heart of Barcelona. Since our birth more than 20 years ago, our mission has always been to offer the best of Persian culture, making it accessible to any visitor or resident of this magnificent and cosmopolitan city.From the beginning, our strength has always been the cuisine, based on three premises non-negotiable for us:
Quality, traditional and authentic.

Rincon Persa is a family restaurant where our main objective is the maximum satisfaction of our customers through excellence in service, the high quality of raw materials, the traditional preparation of our recipes and the presentation of dishes.

In our restaurant you will also have the opportunity to approach the Persian history and tradition and live an experience that will take you to a unique atmosphere. That is why our vision has always been to try to translate all the nuances and experiences of our native Iran.

During all these years in Barcelona, we feel proud and grateful for having kept our roots alive and bringing a part of our culture to an audience that has always welcomed it with open arms.

Being so, we feel ambassadors of our heritage and we strive every day to create an exclusive environment: where the balance of elements, full of tradition and majesty, give way to an unforgettable experience.

In the Rincon Persa restaurant, all senses will be attentive to the thousands of details that will turn your stay in the restaurant into an oasis in the middle of the city, a unique and magical corner of ancient Persia in the heart of Barcelona.

But without a doubt, the key to our success has been the experience we offer: a trip through the different corners of Iran, where charm, mystery and the exotic come together to transport them directly to the ancient tales of the thousand and one nights.

Come and discover a culinary culture that not even Alexander the Great managed to snatch from the Persian people. Come, and let yourself be surprised by the harmony of colours and charismatic flavours of one of the most precious treasures of the ancient Persian culture: Its gastronomy.